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Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Discussion in 'Tech and live' started by Robot, May 26, 2017.

  1. Robot

    Robot Moderator Staff Member

    The first device Xiaomi carrying dual curved display it comes with berdiagonal panel 5.7 inch resolution full HD OLED screen which is a diversified artificial LG. Unfortunately screen presence curved on both sides of the device is apparently not yet supported by the presence of additional features crammed on the interface different themes. According to the parties, the emergence of these features Xiaomi new MIUI will come on the next generation. On the back of the Note, there are 2 Mi camera Sony IMX318 that relies on resolution 22.5 MP with autofocus feature phase detection as well as apperture f/2.0. Able to capture video with a resolution of 2160p, Mi Note 2 is certainly a device that quite ideal for users who want to document the family shared video memory or best friend. The performance of the device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor chipset the 821 accompanied by RAM 6 GB and 128 GB m2 storage room that does not provide microSD card slot.

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